Three Valleys Auto Detailing is like taking your vehicle to the spa. From a meticulous exterior hand wash to a thorough vacuum and shampoo of the interior carpet, your vehicle will look like it just came out of the showroom. Our team will wash, buff and polish your car until it sparkles and shines!


We use only the best products to keep your vehicle looking like new. Our team starts by methodically hand washing your car’s exterior, followed by as much detail on the interior as you want. You can choose our detailing services a la carte when in for routine service or get the complete Three Valleys Auto Detailing package. Complete detailing is done by appointment, and buffing and polishing is an additional charge.

  • Tire dressing                           

  • Exterior hand wash               

  • Interior vacuum                    

  • Interior window cleaning     

  • Interior detailing                   

  • Carpet shampoo                  

  • Complete detailing